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The 2nd Korea International Youth Olympiad (KIYO) 4I 2017 | Apply now

The 2nd Korea International Youth Olympiad(KIYO) 4I 2017 is being organised by World Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs Association to promote and share "Idea, Invention, Innovation, Intellectual Property”. The registration will be closed at the end of this month. In order to encourage young promising students from India to participate in this special event, interested students from India who wish to participate in the Olympiad may apply in the prescribed form and send a copy of the application to the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks at e-mail: or Shri Pankaj Boarkar at his e-mail:". Theintended participants can send the first page of the application form to make sure that they are registered. The other documents can be sent later. Further detailed information is available on website:

Any clarification in this regard can be had from Mr Minjae Kim, Program Officer,World Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs Association (WWIEA) at his e-mail:

June 05, 2017
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