Patent Information System

Patent Information System

Office of the Patent Information System , Nagpur

Objectives: Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion established Patent Information System (PIS), in the year 1980 with the following objectives.

  • To obtain and maintain a comprehensive collection of patent specification and patent related literature on a world wide basis to meet the needs for technological information, of various users in R&D establishments, Government Organizations, Industries, Business, Inventors and other users.
  • To provide technological information contained in patents through, search services and patent copy supply service;

Functions: The PIS caters to user needs on the basis of patent documentation and computerized system for retrieval and dissemination of patent information.

Information of Patent Documentation at PIS

Patent Search Tools Available at PIS, Nagpur

Name of the Search Tool Nature of Carrier Contents Range
ESPACE/ACCESS CD-ROM Bibliographic data and abstracts of EPO patents and Bibliographic data of PCT applications 1978 onwards
Patents Abstracts of Japan (PAJ) CD-ROM Bibliographic data and abstracts of Japanese patents 1976 onwards
MICROPATENT DATABASE Bibliographic data and abstracts of DE, EP, FR, GB, JP, US, WO/PCT 1971 onwards
EPC CD-ROM Bibliographic data from 29 member states of the EPO 2005 onwards
INPADOC MICROFICHE Bibliographic data including title of patents from more than 70 countries 1968 to Aug 1998
EPIDOS CD-ROM (NDB /PFS PCS) Bibliographic data including title of patents from more than 70 countries 1998  to 2005
GLOBALPATH CD-ROM Bibliographic data and abstracts of CH, DE, FR, EP, GB, US and WO patents 1971 to 1998
US-CAPS/APS CD-ROM Bibliographic data and abstracts of US patents 1975 to 2004
Gazette of India Part III Sec.(2) PAPER Notifications issued by the Patent Office regarding Indian patents 1963 to Dec 2004
ESPACE-ACCESS Europe CD-ROM Bibliographic data relating to patent application from BE, CH, LU, NL, UK, PT 1990 to Dec 2004

Patent Documentation (Full Text)

Name of the Country Country Code Nature of Information Carrier Range
United States of America US CD-ROM 1836 onwards
United Kingdom GB CD-ROM 1979 onwards
European Patent Office EP CD-ROM 1985 onwards
WIPO-Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) WO CD-ROM 1978 onwards
Australia AU Microfiche 1975 onwards
India IN Paper 1912 onwards
Japan (Unexamined) JP CD-ROM 1994 onwards (in Japanese Language)

Patent Information Services

The PIS offers patent information services on payment of appropriate charges including postal charges for services provided by post. The payment may be made against a proforma invoice. Alternately the user may open an account with PIS under the subscribe advance payment (SAP) scheme of PIS.

SAP Scheme || Search Services || Patent Copy Supply Service

Subscriber Advance Payment Scheme (SAP) of PIS

In order to provide Patent Information Service to any interested person/organisation, PIS operates subscriber advance payment scheme. Under this scheme, users interested in availing regular service by way of procurement of Patent Information, may remit an amount of not less than Rupee1,000/- or in multiples thereof and open an account in their names. On receipt of this payment, the user will be allotted a subscriber account number by office of the Patent Information System (PIS) Nagpur.

The amount towards the cost of services rendered by PIS will be adjusted against the advance payment made by the subscriber against his/her account number.

The service will be rendered by PIS, on receipt of written request from the subscriber either by letter, telefax or e-mail (paper copy in confirmation of e-mail duly signed is required). On providing the service, PIS will intimate to the subscriber, the cost of service rendered and the balance available in his/her account. If, at any time, the balance amount in the account of the subscriber falls short of Rupee200/-, the subscriber will be informed of the same with a request to remit further amount immediately. The subscriber on receipt of such intimation has to remit the amount which shall not be less than Rupee1,000/- at any time. If at any time the subscriber wants to deposit further amount in their account, such payment also should not be less than Rupee1,000/-.

At the end of each financial year i.e. after 31st march of each year, PIS will issue a statement of account containing details of the amount received, cost of service rendered and the balance available subscriber will scrutinize the account and return a copy of the statement duly certifying the correctness of the account.

No special form is needed to open the above mentioned account. A request on plain paper clearly specifying that the user wishes to open an account under Subscriber Advance Payment Scheme alongwith payment as mentioned above is all that is needed.

All payments may be made in favour of Patent Information System, Nagpur, by way of Money Order, or Demand Draft drawn on a scheduled Bank at Nagpur

Patent Search Services

The search service may be availed by sending the search request in the standard format for search request.

List of Services

  • State of Art Search
  • Bibliographic Search
  • English Equivalent Patent Search
  • Equivalent Family Patent Search
  • Assisted Search

Standard form for sending search request

State of Art Search

  • Provides overview of the State of Art
  • Provides bibliographic data and abstracts of patent documents retrieved.
  • Charges : Rupee2000 + Rupee20/- per abstract of patent reported

Bibliographic Search

  • Provides bibliographic data on patent documents retrieved
  • One or more suitable search terms including Inventor name, applicant name, classification symbols are used
  • Charges: Rupee500 + Rupee5/- per document reported

English Equivalent Patent Search

  • English language equivalent patent for patents in Non-English language are located
  • Charges: Rupee50/- for locating one English language equivalent patent

Patent Family Search

  • Bibliographic details of the family member of a patent are reported
  • Charges: Rupee50/- per family member

Assisted Search

  • users will be allowed to use databases, CD-ROM, Journal etc. subscribed by PIS nagpur to conduct search
  • General assistance in performing the search will be provided
  • Charges ; Rupee250/- per hour

Preliminary Technical Consultancy (for Individuals , R&D organizations , Institutes & Industries )

  • Provides assessment of requirement of particular organization to solve their specific problem related to IPR & decide upon the IPR strategy to be adopted
  • Charges : -500 /-
Services offered Charges
State of Art Search Rupee2000 + Rupee20 per abstract of patent reported
Bibliographic Search Rupee500 + Rupee5/- per document reported
English Equivalent patent Search Rupee50/- for locating one English language equivalent patent
Equivalent Family Patent Search Rupee50/- per family member
Assisted Search Rupee250/- per hour of the facilities used
Patent Copy Supply Service (Indian Patents) Xerox copy of Indian Patent Rupee30 + 4  per page 
Patent Copy Supply Service (Foreign Patents) Copy of Foreign Patent available-in-house Rupee300/- per Patent Foreign Patents not available in-house are procured from WIPO Rupee30/- per Patent
Copy of Abstract/Claim Copy of abstract/main claim of Patent Rupee25/- per abstract/main claim

Contact persons

  • Smt. C. D. Satpute
    Senior Documentation Officer & Head of Office

    Phone: 0712- 2511380 / 2510088
    Fax: 0712 – 2512040 / 2510186

  • Shri R. S. Rathor
    Documentation In-charge & Senior Documentation Officer

    Phone: 0712- 2510088 / 2511241
    Fax: 0712 – 2512040 / 2510186

  • Shri C.V.N. Girish
    Administrative officer / DDO & Reprography Officer

    Phone: 0712 – 2511241 / 2510088
    Fax: 0712 – 2512040 / 2510186

The Patent Information System

Government of India
Ministry of commerce and Industries
CGO Complex, Block 'C, 3rd Floor, Seminary Hills,
Nagpur - 400006, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 91 - 0712 - 2510088 / 2511380 / 2511241 / 2510535
Fax: 91-0712 - 2512040 / 2510186

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